Went to & played at in San Jose this wee…

Went to & played at in San Jose this weekend ~ ‘twas a good adventure to end the summer with *nod*

* road tripping up with @alexeydrummer and @mynx_midnight

* Crunchyroll Expo!! It was a nice, smaller con, and everything was so pleasantly #aesthetic . I mean… lookat all those Bananyas (Also got to say hi to their creator 😲)


* Gotta admit… I really liked my makeup for the show >__>

* Hung out with @damn_danny_deadpool 😊 gogo NorCal peeps ~

* Randomly got to pose with @zippmonk ‘s awesome bigass cosplay sword XD (PC: @damn_danny_deadpool )

* Showtime with these awesome crazies XD

* And this gorgeous sunrise on the way back to LA *___*
(at San Jose, California)