Anime Expo 2018 highlight reel 😀(in post orde…

Anime Expo 2018 highlight reel 😀(in post order) ~~

1.) Threw together a My Hero Academia – Todoroki cosplay in a night (the entire red part I temporary-colored with red eyeshadow and hairspray… STUFF OF NIGHTMARES O___O)

2.) Cosplay on Day 1 with @escher84 as my Eraserhead 💚

3.) Rocked out with @midnight_shinigami on Day 2 and it was awweesooome. Moshing and stage diving was had. Merchant was sold. Misc. body parts were signed…

4.) …speaking of which…buff tentacle bros asked me to sign their chests. Gooo figure o__O

5.) …and then they did as tentacle bros do >__> Not sure why the vid quality’s like that though.

6-7.) Ran into a couple of my fashion idols aaahhhhhh 💚💚💚

8-9.) Danced all night at the Fakku dance party with some awesome new friends 😀 ~

10.) and (belatedly) celebrated @shanekbass ‘s birthdaaaay

All in all… AX18 was unexpectedly excellent. Made new friends, hung out with old friends. Played some awesome metal anime music’s. Even got in some last minute cosplay.

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