EDC WAS CRAAAZZYYYY… and now, more than…

EDC WAS CRAAAZZYYYY… and now, more than ever, I want to get into collaborating with DJs and playing more EDM covers *___*

Going to EDC had been on my bucket list for ages and I decided that the fact it just happened to fall on the weekend of my birthday this year was a sign I should just finally go, haha.

Didn’t get that many pictures because it was always dark, but I still really wanted to post a little smattering of some of the highlights, so heeeere ya go ~

1.) fireworks over the Cosmic Meadow stage, from the bleachers where you could look down over the whoooole Motor Speedway and see the whole ridiculous carnival laid out before you

2.) Ubering to the speedway is stupid expensive, but luckily there was a guy working at the hostel I stayed at who gave rides for cheap! Plus I got to roar down the highway at sunset in a convertible XD

3.) rehashed my raver Jellyfish costume a bit to be cooler 😀

4.) I used to be kinda skeptical about Porter Robinson’s @virtualself project but HOOOODANG ITS AMAZING LIVE

5.) Even better than watching Porter —- watching Porter in Heart Vision 😍

6.) @excisionofficial ‘s first set HNNNRRRGGGHHHHHH THE WUBS

7.) also manages to be there for almost all of @officialrez ‘s set… I love her soundworld so much *___*… so dark and trippy

8.) rang in my birthday with some crazy hardstyle with @warfaceoffical ‘s set >O … wouldn’t have it any other way

9.) and this pic was from the very end of the very last night with the sun very much up already XD

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